Farming, Land & Agriculture

We can provide high resolution images of fields, estates, boundaries, rivers and paths across your farmland. We can produce anything from entire estate portfolios and audits to regular crop condition checks all done using state of the art GPS systems to allow easy and convenient repetition.

Saving Farmers Money

Check crop conditions, boundaries, land quality, surveys. 

Viewing your crop from the air can reveal previously obscured information, invaluable to you as a farmer. We can provide you with high resolution photography or video footage that allows you to quickly identify soil variation, disease or irrigation issues which may not be entirely obvious from the ground and time consuming to uncover.

Using our licensed operators, farmers can utilise the valuable time they have by letting us gather data to assist with improving yields, guiding the usage of fertiliser, water and chemical products, assessing crop damage or vandalism and preventing potential corp failure. Ultimately helping to improve the productivity and profitability of farmland.

Fully licenced and insured CAA Drone operators

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