Surveys & Inspections

We can enable you to see a property in ways most can't. Roof, Gutter, Chimney, Weather Damage Inspections at a fraction of the cost of having to bring scaffolding or platforms in.

Why would I need this?

Roof inspections tend to be one of the the most challenging aspects of surveying, as roofing is not designed to be walked on, and can rarely be viewed from the ground. Previously surveying has involved erecting scaffolding or mobile platforms. This is not only time consuming, expensive and unsightly but this also often fails to provide good access to all parts of the roofing area, thus increasing the risk of damage remaining undiscovered. All this can be avoided by using aerial imagery with our licensed and insured operators.

Whether it be blocked guttering on your property, damaged roof tiles, weather damage, or nuisance wildlife entering the property, for a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional surveying methods, we are able to provide a modern effective solution to such problems with minimal disruption. 

We have experience working directly with surveyors and architects, including providing them with them live visual access while the survey is going on if required as well as post-survey high resolution photographs and 4k video footage. We provide high resolution photographs and 4k video. 

Simple roof inspections and guttering inspections start from £150 so please get in contact for more information or if you have any questions. 


Fully licenced and insured CAA Drone operators

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